They assure that Christian Nodal is looking for a woman identical to Belinda

Although the relationship between Christian Nodal and Belinda is already a thing of the past, now an expert in facial language assures that the singer is looking for a new partner, coincidentally identical to the singer born in Spain.

In the morning Venga la Alegría, Aristeo Cázares quoted a woman who analyzed the Mexican artist and apparently came to the conclusion that, unconsciously, he seeks to fall in love again with someone with the same traits as the person he would have become. his wife this year.

However, according to the professional’s words, Nodal’s alleged behavior “It is not new” and actually conforms “a pattern” own of him. In this context, the interpreter of “Los Besos Que te Di” pays special attention to the eyebrows, nose and mouth of the woman he likes, which would be very similar to Belinda’s.

Christian and the actress of “Welcome to Edén” became boyfriends when they were judges of the reality show La Voz México. Two years later they got engaged with a luxurious ring that he gave her and when they were close to reaching the altar, they decided to end her relationship, something that surprised their fans and the press.