They assure that Pedro Infante faked his death on the orders of hit men

This April 15 marks the 65th anniversary of the death of Pedro Infante after a plane crash in 1957, but his grandson, Cesar Augusto Infante, assures that in reality, the idol of Mexico died until 2013 at 95 years of age.

In an interview with YouTuber Gusgri, Cruz Infante’s son recounted his grandfather’s alleged links to drug trafficking. “They put him in illicit things. Unfortunately, when he discovered all that, he wanted to get out of that environment, that circle and they told him: ‘Pedro, here there are only two exits, death or jail,’ and they provoked the plot and conspiracy of 1957”.

He related that on the plane where Pedro Infante died, there was actually a man of his complexion who would have been given a slave so that he could be identified as the actor.

“Among the people who got on the plane were gunmen. The gunmen had a confrontation with their compadre, Captain Vidal. Some armed cars arrive and tell him ‘from this moment on, you are no longer Pedro Infante’. And they took a person of his complexion, and they told him ‘take off the slave’ and they put it on the other person and put him on the plane. And they tell him ‘as of this moment you are already legally dead’. And they took him with pure blows; the public unfortunately believed it”.

César assures that Pedro Infante was “locked up in Lecumberri, in the Marías Islands, in La Castañeda in Michoacán and in a prison in Sonora.” He even maintains that the singer died on June 22, 2013 in Delicias, Chihuahua, at the age of 95 .

It should be noted that César is the son of Cruz Infante, who always claimed to be the son of Pedro Infante, although it was never confirmed.