They attack Pepe Aguilar very hard for showing such a tattoo

Pepe Aguilar It’s one of the most successful singers of all time, his 35-year career endorses a career of effort, sacrifice and dedication. He is an artist dedicated to doing what he is most passionate about, a legacy from his parents, Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar.

This time the Mexican regional music exponent was put in the eye of the hurricane after sharing a photograph in which show off such a tattoo in the leg, hence unleashing a wave of intense reactions, Internet users quickly dedicated harsh messages to him.

Some Instagram fans through the Suelta la sopa profile took it well that Pepe Aguilar had gotten a tattoo, while others immediately they unleashed their anger and attacked himbecause they consider that it is already “old” to get a tattoo, so the list of negative comments continues to grow.

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In the image, the singer-songwriter can be seen sitting next to his dog ‘El Gordo’, who acquired great prominence within the Aguilar family, is a much loved member and who loves to shine on social networks.

Too old for that, no class.

Surely the singer is not in the least interested in the negative reactions that his detractors send him, many say that he criticizes Nathanael Cano and he is the same, making a mark, at his age and meaningless on his body.

It should be noted that his faithful followers in seconds came out and defended him from all the criticism he received, Internet users were very harsh when look at that tattooed fish on the right side of the leg, as it looks very large and covers almost the entire space.

In the image, the owner of the success ‘Por mujeres como tú’ comments that it took him two years to finish that art that is now forever embodied in his skin, for which he feels proud and calm to already be able to show off this image that marked him for forever.

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For Ángela Aguilar’s father it is a luxury, however hundreds of Internet users did not think it was correct and they went out of their way to send him messages in the form of attacks and harsh criticism that are read, because the image has already crossed borders.

Old and clown.

There is no, the old people pass by!

Ugly tattoo.

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