They attack without mercy Eiza González for her new change to blonde

She goes blonde in London Eiza Gonzalez and unleashes a wave of intense reactions through social networks, and apparently some users did not expect this drastic change of the beautiful model.

Let us remember that for some years the beautiful actress decided to try his luck Hollywoodwhere she has stood out for different roles in important films that have taken her to red carpets in various countries.

For his new tape ‘Ambulance’ he was put in the eye of the hurricane, but surprised with a blonde hair look during the premiere in londonhence the anger of his detractors was unleashed on social networks.

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blonder than ever and wrapped in a blue dress, the youthful protagonist of Mexican soap operas caused a furor by daring and leaving aside the dark brown tone that had always characterized her.

Really blonde chick, it does not look!

It doesn’t fit.

There is no doubt that the risky style by Eiza González is the one that is always in sight. She is a celebrity who has imposed fashion with the various outfits and changes that attract her attention.

Although she has been harshly attacked for her supposed “aesthetic fixes”, she does not take her finger off the line and continues to impress her audience with the complement of talent and beauty she possesses.

It is important to note that the new blonde tone of Eiza González shone with a slicked back hairstyle back and a wet look that made her look really lovely.

Apparently some Internet users did not notice her beauty and dedicated a large number of ruthless messages to her in the form of criticism, which she surely did not take into account.

She looks older.

It doesn’t go.

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What is a fact is that the singer has also shown her talent and beauty in unimaginable places, little by little she is traveling the world, doing what she is most passionate about, which is acting, it is predicted that she will soon be one of the celebrities most recognized internationally.

friend no!!

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