They booed Christian Nodal at his concert and shouted Belinda’s name

Chihuahua.- The bad streak of Christian Nodal does not end, first his breakup with Belinda, then came the multiple lawsuits against him, later against his parents, and now it is becoming a trend due to a series of videos that began to circulate on networks such as TikTok and Twitterin which you can see the moment in which the public booed him before his concert in chihuahua.

In clips that went viral on social networks, you can see people inside the place waiting for Nodal to go on stage, but far from applauding as usual, the fans were angry at the hours of delay, so they began to whistle , boo him and even throw insults and rudeness.

The singer’s fans were infuriated by four hours of delay. Photo: Special.

The wave of insults was unleashed because Christian Nodal He started his concert four hours late, from the scheduled time, so that all the fans who gathered began with the claims for the delay and for the breach of the announced schedules.

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Although the long wait lasted up to four hours, the fans present there launched all kinds of claims and boos against the interpreter of “Botella after bottle”, and there were some daring who, with the desire to annoy him, began to shout the name of his ex fiancee.

In unison people were heard shouting “Belinda” and in a short time the rest followed, so that the name of the pop singer could be heard throughout the venue; later they continued with the name of “Lupillo Rivera”, with whom the famous supposedly had a love relationship before starting to go out with Christian.

Nodal’s fans shouted the names of Belinda and Lupillo Rivera at him. Photo: Special.

So far, the reasons for the delay in hours have not been reported so that Christian Nodal came out on stage. Some sources assure that it was due to the lawsuit that a businessman filed against the Mexican regional singer for breach of contract and that his legal team was trying to avoid any legal action against the interpreter.

For his part, the businessman’s lawyer assured that Nodal received more than half a million pesos as part of the advance agreed to give the concert, but the interpreter of “Adiós amor” canceled at the last minute and did not return the money, so proceeded to sue before the competent authorities.

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