They break borders! Belinda and Cristian Nodal star in the cover of an international magazine

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Mexico City.- Without a doubt, the couple formed by Belinda Y Christian Nodal It is one of the favorites of Mexicans at the moment. If separately they captivate the public, together they duplicate that admiration, because in addition to their musical talent, they also make them fall in love with their unique style.

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On this occasion, they surprised with their appearance on the cover of the January edition of the fashion and trends magazine L’Officiel India. In the image they pose together and embraced with colorful outfits that make a perfect contrast with the background of the cover and the logo of the publication, where they express love and a lot of style.

Belinda is located on the left and delicately holds Nodal’s arm, who takes her by the waist. She wears pants and corset in orange Itzia Rivera (in Instagram @xtzxa), which he combines with a classic white shirt with loose, dropped sleeves.

The luxury accessory with which the singer complements her outfit is a hat marme. The jewelry she wears is very delicate, from the Mexican brand Ferruva. Square-shaped earrings and chains with prominent links are on trend. Gold and orange are a winning pair.

The Mexican regional music singer also impresses with his look. He wears brown leather pants sweet beast and a short-sleeved shirt made of organic cotton from the sustainable brand Kids of Broken Future, to which Nodal prints his style with folds, this makes his tattoos look much more and better. Nodal wears classic shaped glasses on this cover.

Both Belinda and Nodal shared other images of the session published in their Instagram stories. L’Officiel India. It is a group of colorful and modern outfits that respects the style of both.

In one of the photos, Belinda wears a multi-colored dress with geometric figures, and matching hat and shoes, while he wears two-tone: black pants and a green jacket. Go back to wearing sunglasses as a complement.

One of the most attractive elements of the photographs was the braid with which they played to make some poses. In the following image, Beli wears a cut-out dress with an asymmetrical skirt, which she complements with pink platform boots, similar to the ones she wore. Rosalia recently. Her fiancé is wearing a two-tone denim ensemble, with a basic T-shirt.

Source: El Universal