They break into the house of the Bolivian María Zulay Salaues and Paul Pogba in England

March 17, 2022, 12:29 PM

March 17, 2022, 12:29 PM

While the French footballer Paul Pogba He was playing an important match for his team, Manchester United, against Atlético de Madrid (for the UEFA Champions League), and his wife, the Bolivian Maria Zulay Pogbasupported him in the rostrum, as is usual to see her, some burglars They entered the couple’s home, while their young children rested in their rooms.

It was Pogba himself who recounted the terror and the consequences of the robbery, in which they took “the most precious thing in your home”.

“Last night it came true worst nightmare of our family, when our house was robbed while our children were sleeping in their bedroom. The burglars were in our house for less than five minutes, but in that time they took something more precious than anything. We had in our home… our sensation of protection and security” he said on Twitter.

According to the Frenchman, the assault occurred during the latter part of the match and he believes the robbers knew what they were doing.

“They knew we would not be home. My wife and I rushed home not knowing if our children were safe and unharmed. As a parent, there is no worse feeling in this world than not being there to protect your children and I sincerely hope that no one has to experience what I felt last night”, continues the athlete.

For all the damage done, Paul wishes reward to people who provide you with information about criminals.

“I would like to offer a reward to anyone who has a clue to help us. Please send any information”, ends his publication that has been replicated more than 25 thousand times in support.