They call interested in buying Bad Bunny’s Bugatti and end up listening to his new song | shows

Is Bad Bunny putting his Bugatti up for sale?

Curious about such an unusual notice posted on the Online Classifieds platform, many called 787-417-8605 interested in Bugatti Chirion 110, which appeared for sale for $3.5 million, owned by urban music singer Bad Bunny.

According to the announcement “Bugatti Chiron 110 anniversary ready for sale for transfer. It is in my name, 0 fines, it has a label and up-to-date maintenance. 16-cylinder engine, 4 turbines with 1,479 horsepower. Totally immaculate, it only has 486 miles and 9 hours of flight time. I give it in $3.5 OMO”

THE SPOKESPERSON The number that appears in the peculiar announcement was communicated and when answering, a recording of approximately 45 seconds is quickly reproduced, where we come across Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, singing.

However, it is not a well-known song, since it is a new song from his next record production, entitled ‘A summer without you’.

“Hello 🙂 thanks for calling. It’s not long before the new album comes out. I still can’t say the date, but I can tell you the name: ‘A summer without you'”, reads the text that is received at the end of the call.

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