They capture Christian Nodal and the rapper Cazzu holding hands in Guatemala

ANTIGUA GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA.- Has the singer Christian Nodal found love? In the last few hours, photographs of the Mexican together with the rapper Cazzu were published on social networks where they are seen very happy holding hands in Old Guatemala.

In the images you can see the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be” very smiling walking hand in hand with Argentina while enjoying an ice cream.

So far it has not been confirmed if they are only dating, if they formalized their relationship or if it is a new collaboration together.

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It was the TikTok user whose account is @ jassgrajeda23 who managed to take some photos of the alleged couple and wrote “When you meet Christian Nodal in Antigua, Guatemala.”

It is worth mentioning that before being seen walking through the city, the Argentine rapper was present at the palenque that Nodal offered in Mexico where he also sang his music.

In addition, when Nodal saw her in the audience, he invited her on stage and together they performed one of their hits.

At the beginning of May, when he arrived in San Pedro Sula to offer a concert, the famous Regional Mexican was caught with Mariana Garcia, a young woman from Sinaloa, Mexicowho is a model of different brands.