They capture Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones kissing and caressing each other in Mexico

Much has been said about the relationship between Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones, co-workers in “Corona de Lágrimas 2”. Weeks ago the rumors indicate that both stars maintain a romance that they have not yet wanted to bring to light.

Since they went together to the Coldplay concert in Mexico City, their followers have increased suspicions but neither of them wanted to talk about it, what’s more: they told the press that they prefer not to talk about their private life. In the midst of so much speculation, images of celebrities were leaked in a luxurious restaurant having a romantic dinner, with kisses and hugs.

The actors went to dinner on Thursday, April 22, at a restaurant near their apartment in Santa Fe. “They arrived at 10 at night, she was very flirtatious, she gave him kisses and took him by the neck,” said a source. close in statements taken up by the newspaper Por Esto.

Everything seems to indicate that the actor and actress are getting to know each other intimately, although since everything is so recent they still do not want to confess it publicly.

“It’s normal for them to associate you with your classmates, and the truth is that nothing, nothing,” Bazán said before the cameras of “Hoy.” And then he said that Nones is not the only person they relate to.

According to the magazine TV Notas, Nones and Bazán are having a good time, but there is nothing formal so far. Some comments assure that the actress is open to a new opportunity in love, although he sees her more as her friend since he is a man who likes solitude and has a reputation as a womanizer, so he does not like the commitments of she.