They capture Luis Miguel in a romantic evening. Did he find love again? – The Sun of Mexico

The Spanish magazine of the heart Semana published the photographs of what appears to be the new love affair of Luis Miguel. The singer was seen in the restaurant portonovo in Madrid, next to the Spanish Paloma Cuevas.

On December 28, the singer asked to close the exclusive Spanish shopping center where the restaurant is located, in order to enjoy the company of his Dove without interruptions.

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The journalist Adriana Dorroso, anticipated confirming that between The Sun and Caves There was an official relationship in El Programa de Ana Rosa, but the leak of the photos of the romantic dinner could confirm the revelation of the journalist.

This new romance of the interpreter of “Love love love”, It had already been causing noise months ago, since the rumors of a courtship between the two personalities were very high-profile.

The same magazine revealed that possibly Luis Miguel has already settled in Spain, at his home in La Zagaleta, located in the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain; place that the new couple have used as a destination.

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In mid-2022, the interpreter was seen with the Argentine model mercedes villarThey were both enjoying the beach in Miami, Florida.

Although it was a very hermetic relationship, as celebrity courtships usually are, it was speculated that both dated for two years and some media even leaked information about a possible commitment, however, that was in the past and now, Luis Miguel seems give him a new chance at love.

Who is Paloma Cuevas?

dove caves is a 50-year-old fashion designer and businesswoman, originally from Cordoba, Spain. Professionally, she has collaborated with the fashion firm Rosa Clara and Yanesa jewelry brand.

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was married to the bullfighter Enrique Ponce with whom he had two daughters. The couple separated in 2020 and in 2021 they signed the divorce.

The family you come from dove caves She is wealthy and renowned in bullfighting and art circles, her father is the famous Victorian bullfighter Valencia and his mother Dove Diaz, she was a flamenco dancer.


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