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trapped? The model Melissa Paredes was questioned by netizens after revealing some particular photographs.

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The former TV host, who is the mother of her little Mia, received various gift bags from Pandora jewelry, from her partner Anthony Aranda, this second Sunday in May.

This is how Melissa Paredes spent Mother's Day
This is how Melissa Paredes spent Mother’s Day.

Through her Instagram account, the actress was also pleasantly surprised by the gifts, however, this reaction would not be genuine.

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As revealed by the Instarándula portal, Paredes and the “Activator” had already bought these gifts hours before and even together. For this reason, the popular Samu, director of the page, believes that Rodrigo Cuba’s ex-wife feigned surprise at the jewels she received.

“Melissa so cute making us believe that her Activator surprised her with a detail, when the ratujas saw them shopping for the details together hahaha. Didn’t she know that she had bought her a Pandora’s box? that surprise is more false ”, wrote Samuel Suárez.

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