They celebrate in advance the mothers of As the saying goes – El Sol de México

Mayra Rojas with her daughter Luciana, Violeta Isfel with her eldest son Omar and Gaby Zamora with Victoria, actresses who share the set of the program What the saying sayscelebrated in advance on May 10 alongside their co-workers and the producer Genoveva Martínez.

Actors Pepe Valdivieso with Doña Gabriela Rangel and Nuria Gil with Nuria Vaquer also attended the celebration with their mothers.

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The director of the television series recognized the double task they perform and that they only have selfless and unconditional love as a mutual reward.

“I am excited about this celebration because the entire production team of as the saying goes It is a family, and in this family, I have to be the mother. And I am widely celebrated by all these people who are so talented and who together make this program that is liked by the audience.

“As mothers we have something to do with the growth, development and triumphs of our children. It is something that we must acknowledge to ourselves. We always talk about how wonderful children are and most children consider theirs to be the best mother.

Sergio Corona, the first and only actor to have been in all 11 seasons of the series, chatted with the guests, as did actor Omar Fierro, who has just joined the cast playing the café chef.

It was attended by the artists Paola Archer with María José, Marcela Ruiz, with Sebastián; Tanya Selmen, with her actor son Ricardo Selmen; Ofelia Guiza with Elian and Gabriela Martínez, Genoveva’s sister.

“What strikes me about being a mother is the satisfaction that children give us. So it is also a day to congratulate ourselves as mothers and what we have achieved from seeing our children grow up achieving small or large goals. That for me means Mother’s Day, that we congratulate ourselves on what our children achieve in life.

“I want to make a special mention to the mothers who work in this medium, the mothers who are actresses, the mothers of the production team, the mothers who work in the media as reporters, communicators, photographers; because these moms have a complicated life. In fact, we have a check-in time and not a check-out time.

“Being a mother in this entertainment industry is complicated, it means that you leave home very early, but you do not know what time you will arrive. It means that you leave the children with someone to help you take care of them. It can be the nursery, another woman like the grandmother, the aunt, an assistant, caregivers, teachers or another woman outside the family who becomes a chain of mothers and solidarity”, says Genoveva.

The production company specializing in unitary programs, highlighted that more and more men are involved in raising children and as a society we are approaching greater equality, which leads women to fulfill themselves in their careers. “And mothers are not such because we give birth, but we are mothers because we take care of these little ones and those of others.”

“I want to make another special acknowledgment to the mothers of the child actors. These moms often sacrifice a lot of time to the detriment of their careers and for the benefit of their child actors. As you know, it is a requirement that we cannot fail to meet that dad or mom are present at the recording sessions of each chapter, when there is a minor in the forum or location. These mothers help their children to memorize their texts and help them carry out their work”, specified Genoveva Martínez.

Don Sergio Corona when intervening said: “Congratulations to all the mothers, there is something very important, the mothers are the creators of the whole world. They have given us life. I give them a loving hug, there is only one mother.”