They celebrate mothers with a special led by Mauricio Barcelata – El Sol de México

Mom is… will bring together a series of anecdotes, dynamics, sketches and musical presentations in three segments, that of artists who are new mothers, celebrities who have older children, and mothers who are already enjoying the harvested fruits, some even who are grandmothers, who will share anecdotes that will shock viewers.

“What this program aims to do is experience a good time, two hours of fun, laughter, anecdotes with moms from the show, but also real moms, from everyday life that we are going to pamper them for the two hours that it lasts,” said Mauricio Barcelata , who hosts the special alongside Diego de Erice.

“It is time to simply remind ourselves that the mother is the most important person in our lives, that she gives us life in the most complicated moment for some and happiest for others, she is there and we must celebrate her not only one day, but the 365 days a year,” he added.

Maribel Guardia, Michel Vieth, Arlet Pacheco, Erika Buenfil and Olivia Collins will be some of the guests in the soap opera moms segment, while Raquel Bigorra, Alejandra Espinoza, Carmen Muñoz, Adriana Monsalve, Marisol González and Mariana Ochoa will lead the group of motherhood and driving.

In the musical part, Erik and his daughter Mía Rubín will liven up the evening, complemented by the participation of Víctor García and Grupo Cañaveral.

Nino Canún is the producer of the program that will be broadcast this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. on Las Estrellas.

Parallel to this project, Barcelata is as host in the third season of the reality show Inseparable, love to the limitavailable from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m., on Channel 5.

The driver assured that in this program he has learned a lot about the methods to solve conflicts in the couple.

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“You have to learn from everyone, what may work for you, not the opposite, you have to start getting to know your partner, I always tell my wife that within the therapies that we have had to live and live together eventually.

“She is not the same person that I met, nor am I the same person that she met, we have the opportunity every time we wake up to say: ‘hello! I’d love to meet you,'” she said.