They close the Collective Film Festival with efforts for more cinema

Leon, Guanajuato The Collective Cinema closed with a flourish its second edition, and also celebrated its 11th anniversary as a group.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first edition to be held in person, since last year, 90% of its activities were online.

The winners posed proudly. Photo: Courtesy.

The festival was directed by Carolina Segura Gallardo, an active member of the group for three years.

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We partnered with the city’s Network of Independent Forums, made up of “Corazón de León”, “Foro Molière”, “Bendito Theatro Café”, “Américas 104”, “Torre Andrade”, “El Kino”, in addition to the Museum of Leonese Identities. All of our events were free,” he stressed.

They had 5 workshops: “Exhibition and cinematographic decentralization”, in charge of the AC “Red Tree”, “Locations”, by Armando Ramírez, “Characterization”, by Eddy Tostado, “Animation”, by Andrea Gudiño, and “Ruta de festivals”, by Lola Díaz-González, from IMCINE.

They inaugurated the Festival with the conversation “Women in national cinema”, where we invite women specialists in various areas of cinema: Gaby Nápoles (documentary filmmaker), Ana Bárcenas (documentary filmmaker), Casandra Lluviel (director of the Collective Cinema); moderated by Carolina Segura (actress, producer).

The jury of the press. Photo: Courtesy.

At the opening gala, They had the support of “Kuchi- Graphic Laboratory”, who carried out an anamorphosis work on screens, with a design alluding to our festival, in addition to elaborating with the public, the official poster based on the engraving technique.

In terms of projections, they had a selection by the horror film “Aurora”, as well as the “Sweet ovary” Festival. In addition to the projection of the 4 categories of the official selection: National Fiction Selection, National Non-Fiction Selection, International Fiction Selection, International Non-Fiction Selection.

Besides, had the “Script Fight” call, open until April 15, where screenwriters were invited to submit their proposal, and the winning project will have its short film produced by Cine Colectivo. In this edition, our winner was Alberto Aguilar with the script “Swallows fly in winter”.

Women’s conversation guests. Photo: Courtesy.

The results of this edition of the festival were the following:

We receive nearly 500 short films from 62 countries, with 4 categories:

National Fiction Selection

National Non-Fiction Selection

International Fiction Selection

International Nonfiction Selection

In addition, the press award.

In this edition, the 5 recognitions were taken by women. These were the results:

National Fiction Winner:

“Living All Life”, by Marlén Ríos-Farjat

National Non-Fiction Winner:

“Uneven Pieces”, by Julieta Galván

International Fiction Winner:

“Amateurs” (Spain), by Ceres Machado

International Nonfiction Winner:

“From Trash to Treasure” (USA), by Lara Lee

Press Winner:

“Uneven Pieces”, by Julieta Galván

The jury was made up of experts in different areas of cinema: Horacio Castelo (actor and producer), Seth Álvarez (screenwriter), Laura Franco Martín (Spanish producer and actress), Juan Silva (manager, communicologist).

In this note: