They confirm if it ends due to the sale of Channel One

This Thursday the transaction Hemisphere Media Group, with its concessionaire HMTV1, was announced to buy the shareholding that NTC, RTI and CM& had. The latter is of great importance to Yamid Amat, one of the most experienced journalists in Colombia and who is still in force.

He directs Noticentro CM&, a newscast on Channel One, and also has an interview slot at night, which is why, after the sale of his shares in Plural communications SAS became known, there was expectation about what was going to happen with these informative spaces.

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On W Radio, Ramiro Avendaño, president of Channel One, and who was one of those who led the purchase of shares, He explained that it was agreed that what they currently give on television will be respected.

“Local investors, Yamid Amat, from CM&; those of NTC, and those of RTI have decided to put their actions under consideration and there a total purchase is consolidated, without this compromising the content that they provide to the channel”, indicated the president of Channel One.

In fact, he recognized the importance of various programs that are currently broadcast on the channel. “We believe in Colombia, we believe that things can be done, we are the third Colombian television channel with 18 million watching us every month. Open television is still important. It is a free public service and we believe in the defense of journalism with the news program Noticentro Uno CM&”, added Avendaño.

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Purchase of Channel One: Yamid Amat will continue with his newscast

As shared by the president of Channel One on the station, The intention of this purchase is to make some changes that allow them to have more competition from other open television channels.but that the programs that give results will continue, although he did not say anything about those that ended recently, such as ‘Guerreros’.

“This is a zero hostile transaction, with transparent deals and a company that focuses on what it believes it can do best. We continue with the contents of the other partners and what we are looking for is more flexibility to be able to navigate a complicated market such as media and advertising”, said Ramiro Avendaño.

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He did not want to reveal the amount of the transaction.but he did indicate that there will be some changes that the audience will see over time.