They create a doll inspired by his “tiradera” to Gerard Piqué

Shakira already has a “revenge doll” inspired by her “shoot” to Gerard Piqué, her new song is a world trend on the main music platforms and a talented artist recreated her look from “Music Session #53”.

Shakira premiered her long-awaited collaboration with the Argentine DJ and record producer, Gonzalo Julián Conde, known as Bizarrap, on January 11 and his controversial “shoot” to Gerard Piqué has accumulated millions of reproductions.

The 45-year-old interpreter from Barranquilla shared a photograph on her official accounts showing the doll that the artist identified on social networks as popculture.dolls created inspired by the hit music video for their new song “Music Session #53”.

The talented artist named Jose Emery recreated the same look with which the singer from Barranquilla, Colombia, appears in the music video for “Music Sessions 53” composed by Lace Bralette, Satin Pants and Balenciaga Chain Print Blouse.

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Joseph Emery has created dozens of dolls inspired by Shakira’s hit music videos such as: “No”, “La tortura”, “Loba”, La bicicleta”, “Tons”, “I congratulate you” and “Monotonía” and could not miss the “revenge doll” from his “Music Session #53” .

Shakira breaks records with her “tiradera”

Shakira’s new “revenge song” continues to break records on all platformswas crowned the biggest debut of any Latin song in the history of Youtube and became the most important premiere of music in Spanish on Spotify.

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Shakira He made it clear to the ex-Barça central defender that “women no longer cry, women bill”he reproached him: “you changed a Ferrari for a Twingo, you changed a Rolex for a Casio” and he even “splashed” his ex-partner’s mother: “you left my mother-in-law as a neighbor.”

And the “darts” that Shakira threw at Gerard Piqué in her new song could have been more “aggressive” but the co-author of the lyrics, the Colombian singer-songwriter, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, known as Keityn, revealed that they decided to “remove stronger things”.

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