they criticize Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez for the secrecy behind their wedding – Nueva Mujer

Charles Rivera Y Cynthia Rodríguez finally united their lives or so they raised suspicions after a series of photographs that circulated on social networks in which they are seen receiving the blessing of Pope Francis in the Vatican.

The only way to be in this way in front of the religious figure is through a hearing for which they had to bring their copy of the Sacramental Marriage Certificate. So it is certain that the artists signed papers in a secret wedding before leaving on the trip.

A photograph also called attention in which you can see what it looks like a wedding ring on the ring finger of Rodriguez which was blessed at the time.

Although the news surprised everyone, the outfit that Cynthia wore in front of His Holiness became the focus of attention because “it broke protocol”.

According to the rules, women must wear black, with a skirt below the knees, wear a veil and avoid wide necklines to be in front of the Pope but the driver opted for a dress with a white coat. Only queens can wear white when they appear before the Pope.

Neither Rivera nor Rodríguez have spoken about it and have not shared photos of their trip together. Although the couple is usually very discreet about their relationship, fans call them “exaggerated” and “ridiculous” for so much secrecy.

“And supposedly that Carlos is simple but fame makes them be like that.” “Friends, it is not worth commenting on anything about them. When most people stop commenting and following them on social media, they will become more humble.” “And even if they didn’t get married in secret, it would be worth the same to us. Pair of bleeders.” “Well, let them make their scandal in another country. After that thanks to their fans they are famous”. “Now it turns out that they are very exclusive.” “Their hot dogs that they make take longer than their love lasts.” “It seems silly to me that they are in Spain and do not go out together and even more so if they are married. Stop so much clowning.” “They do not share anything with their fans and they are thanks to the public but anyway”, expressed on social media.

Amid the wave of criticism, they also defended them.

“People think that because they are public figures they don’t have a private life.” “Good for them who maintain their privacy. To be happy”. “If they want to keep it a secret, if they sold the exclusive, if it’s just a montage, that’s their problem…they can do whatever they want.”

Cynthia would have traveled to Spain to undergo fertility treatment

In December of last year, the driver revealed to Venga la Alegría that she wanted to become a mother this year, for which she would seek to become pregnant with Carlos Rivera. This is how she learned that her trip to Europe would be for that purpose.

A source reaffirmed these rumors, assuring: “For now they are looking at alternatives and will try it in a natural way since they are both calm, but they are not ruling out the idea either. If for some reason they do not succeed, they will undergo fertility treatment, although her parents do not agree very much, since they are from Coahuila, they have other beliefs and customs, but in the end it is Cynthia and Carlos’s decision nothing more and they will have to respect it.”