They criticize Christian Nodal for saying “I love you” to Cazzu

SONORA, MEXICO.- Christian Nodal is willing and focused on his new relationship with the Argentinian rapper Cazzuwith whom he has been seen inseparable in recent months.

And it is that since he ended his relationship with the former soap opera singer, Belinda, last February, the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be” He had never been seen as committed to someone as he was to Cazzu.

The couple has accompanied each other to almost every presentation they have had and they have been seen holding hands and kissing before starting their concerts.

However, users on social networks were struck by the fact that the singer of the Mexican Regional told him a “I love you to the interpreter of “A lot of dates”.

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It was after a video was released on TikTok where the criticism began, since many affirm that Nodal does not love anyone and that it is impossible for him to be so fast because a few months ago he was very much in love with Belinda.

“Oh, a little yes?”; “That one does not love anyone”; “So fast and I love her, hahaha”; “The good thing is that he loved Beli and that according to her she hurt him”; “Hahahaha he loves her so quickly, if you don’t even see that she has love for him. He goes over”; “In a month he already loves her, no man, you don’t even know what that is”; “I love you with five days, you are barbaric, that is one of those who fall in love in one day”, were some of the comments.

However, other people defended him and wished them much success in their relationship.

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“Bellos enjoy your love”, “I see Christian so happy”; “I think the two of them combine”; “Cute couple”; “They look very good, they both have a lot of personality, so my Nodal is something very different from what we usually see always”; “They are both super stars. Congratulations and blessings”.

For a few weeks the couple was seen walking the streets of Antigua Guatemalathen both have traveled together to support each other in their projects and since then they have been inseparable.

So far neither of the two artists have spoken about their romance.