They criticize Daniella Álvarez for launching a “hint” of marriage to Daniel Arenas

love between Daniella Alvarez Y Daniel Arenas gets stronger with the days. Since they began their courtship almost two years ago, the couple seems to be getting happier and more in love.

The former beauty queen and the actor have realized this through their social networks, where they continually I know dedicate romantic messages Y share pictures of their moments together.

Just like your celebration of the past new Year Eve. Through her Instagram profile, the model published a nearly three-minute video on January 1 with a summary of her celebration.

Thanks to the publications, it was learned that the lovebirds received this 2023 in a party at a resort in Santa Marta, Colombiawhere they danced until exhaustion to the sound of tropical rhythms.

In addition, the recording immortalized the moment in which Álvarez made an apparent hint of marriage to Arenas which sparked criticism from some netizens.

Daniella Alvarez pitches hint of marriage to Daniel Arenas and they criticize her on social networks

Everything happened in the middle of the presentation of the Rikarena merengue group. during his Show last December 31, the group invited the Colombian star to the stage to show his steps.

After displaying her talent and having everyone applaud her example of improvement, Daniela took the microphone to express her fanaticism towards the band and launch the alleged hint.

I hope that when I get married, they go to my wedding with Daniel because we are number 1 fans…”, said the also pretty 34-year-old businesswoman, unleashing the fury among those present.

After the comment, the group called the soap opera star to the stage to dance with his girlfriend. In the middle of the dance Álvarez clarified that Arenas has not yet asked for her hand.

But first you have to ask me to marry you!”, he stated. After the clarification, the public exploded and the group asked the actor to kneel, singing, which he did to the rhythm of the music.

Is now! Get on your knees!”They sang several times. After seconds kneeling, he got up laughing and kissed Daniela, who used the microphone to make fun of the gossip that would arise from the moment.

Now a little bit of gossip and lies come out”, he said, causing laughter among the spectators; However, the moment in question unleashed the withdrawals of some users on the social network.

The marriage request is born, not imposed in public compromising the person in front of many… Very badly done, because if I wanted to do it I would have already done it”, commented a user.

Don’t force him to propose!”, advised another in a message with more than 30 likes. Meanwhile, a third party opined: “She wants him to propose to her, but he still doesn’t look convinced.”.

However, not all comments were critical. There were other netizens who celebrated the fearlessness of the Miss Colombia 2011 and they asked the 43-year-old lover to make the proposal soon.

How funny and how packed! Poor Daniel. That was not a hint but a very direct one!”; “Daniel, and the ring for when?”; “I don’t miss that wedding or a bullet! I’m going even if it’s colada” and “That’s a hint of marriage. Come on Daniel! We want a wedding this year!” are some comments.

It should be noted that, in the past, Daniel Arenas has been questioned about his marriage plans with Daniella Alvarezbut he has preferred to maintain secrecy around the subject.

I don’t want to get into that game of ‘they’re going to get married, they’re going to be parents’ because that’s not valid. That is a very private and personal decision,” he told Lourdes Stephen in November 2021.

“To talk about the children or the ring would be going against my principles… It will be our way and at any time, but turning this into a media issue is not going with me”, he sentenced.