They criticized the most famous Youtuber in the world for paying for 1000 eye surgeries and giving away a Tesla


The most popular YouTuber in the world, “MrBeast”, he paid for a thousand eye surgeries to help blind people recover their sight, in addition to some of them he gave cash and even a Tesla car, an action that earned him millions of views and thousands of “likes”, but also a wave of critics, where they came to describe him as a bad person.

Jimmy Donaldson, 24 years old and creator of content on digital platforms, became famous worldwide for his charitable and charitable acts. For example, he came to rebuild houses for the survivors of the tornado in kentucky in 2021, he also gave away Iphones or amounts up to $20,000 to randomly selected people.

Now, in 2023, he published a video where he tells how he paid for a thousand simple eye surgeries for cataract patients, who could not afford it, thus helping many of them to recover their vision, or in other cases, to improve clarity.

“Unfortunately, almost half of the population with curable blindness does not have access to this surgery, so I wanted to give it to as many people as possible,” Donaldson said in the video.

The clip quickly went viral as MrBeast recorded the emotional reactions just at the moment when the patients fell into tears upon regaining one of their senses. Additionally, some participants in the video shared part of their story and received cash, or checks, even a Tesla car.

In a matter of days, MrBeast received more than 70 million visits and tens of thousands of reactions on his different social networks, but with this also came criticism of the young man for considering that he used all these people to monetize the content of his channel.

Thousands of people questioned whether it was truly a charitable act on the part of the 24-year-old influencer or whether he used it as a tool to increase his reach and popularity: Is it really an act of altruism if it is used to influence?


The young influencer uploaded the 8-minute video to his YouTube channel to show patients during the process of undergoing cataract surgery, collecting the most emotional stories.

Among them is the case of Charlie, whose deteriorating vision finally prevented him from continuing his job as a cashier. When removing the bandages, they asked him to read an eye chart with the message “You just won 10 thousand dollars”, unleashing the patient crying with emotion.


Another case was that of Jeremiah, a teenager blind in one eye since childhood, who discovered a check for 50 thousand dollars in the room as a fund to study at the university.

One of the most striking moments was when he decided to surprise a young man with a Tesla car, clarifying that if he “wrecked” it after he regained his sight, then he would buy him a new one.

The video sparked controversy, because in addition to the thousands of positive comments towards MrBeast, a discussion was also generated about the ethics behind good deeds.

Some users on social media accused Donaldson of exploiting contestants for personal gain and content on his social media, rather than out of genuine altruism.


“He exploits people for personal financial gain,” one user tweeted.

Some others valued the benefit for patients because “the end result is good, because some people get what they need, but he is not a good person for that,” he said.

Some more questioned MrBeast: “Why not do good for no other reward than personal satisfaction, knowing that you are making the world a better place? Maybe some people see it as attention seeking.”

In defense of the youtuber, his followers explained that the commercialization of the videos allows MrBeast to continue with his inspiring acts of kindness, an expression to which Donaldson himself joined through a “like”.