They destroy Alfredo Adame after winning a million in reality

Alfredo Adame was crowned the absolute winner of the first season of the reality show Soy Famosa ¡sácame de aqui!, which was broadcast on TV Azteca, with a prize of one million pesos, but some Internet users unleashed their anger and accused the show of fraud .

The famous 64-year-old actor became the winner of this reality show that gave a lot to talk about and took home a million pesosbut immediately the social networks burned and the negative comments and harsh criticism were unleashed, assuring that the victory of Alfredo Adame had already been agreed before.

Some users agree that Alfredo Adame did not yield In no competition like the rest of their peers, they confirm that Guty Carrera and the clown from Los Destrampados, Oscarín, must have been the winners, since they demonstrated their skills at all times.

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Users comment and now read on social networks that “It was a fraud”, “How quickly they uploaded it”, “That seems like a pact”, “He does not deserve it“, “No, well wow, by going to sleep you also win”, among other harsher and crueler ones that continue to accumulate after seeing Alfredo Adame take that amount of money home.

Photo: Instagram

Let us remember that Alfredo Adame was the most controversial of the reality show, and that is that he was accompanied by his ex-girlfriend Magaly Chávez with whom he ended up in the middle of the recordings of the show and fought with some of his companions, causing a ruckus and creating great expectations in social networks.

The artist always attracted attention for his peculiar style, temper and daring personality, since he is one of the most spontaneous when it comes to sharing his points of view, sometimes it seems that he does not think before speaking, because he is not interested if he offends people with his words.

Photo: Instagram

No doubt the negative comments about it taking the first place of the season I’m famous get me out of here! They continue to accumulate, since Internet users were shocked to see that he did not do much to stand out in the show and even so he was the first place creditor, hence the insults and ridicule towards him and the Ajusco television station continue to accumulate.

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Many users claim that everything it was planned and that they gave him more popularity by putting him on reality, because it was a surprise to see him in that type of program, but he was never one of the most prominent in the activities to be carried out.

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