“They did not want to heat the dish”

Kate of the Castle He is in Mexico and this week he decided to go out to eat with his parents and his partner. They chose a restaurant in the Roma neighborhood where the actress received what she considered rude treatment.

of the castle is in Mexico for the recording of his new series on his Instagram account he has shared part of the creative process during the recordings

Besides acting, Kate produces the series, which has her very excited: “This project is very important to me, since it is a Tolstoy classic, which we are recreating in a modern age and which unfortunately continues to be perfect with all this machismo, all this load that it is given to the woman for simply being a woman, and more in an infidelity. Ana is a tragic character, and she finds herself completely alone”.

Her stay in Mexico, however, had a bad time because of the food in the restaurant where, she says, they did not want to heat a dish that was already cold and they also got upset when she asked for a table where there was no sun.

The actress went with her parents, the actor Eric del Castillo and his wife Trillo, in addition to his partner. According to the narration of the actress, the treatment was so rude that she decided to post a couple of messages on twitter to denounce that it was also an expensive place.

The restaurant you are referring to Kate was founded by Edward Garciaa chef with a peculiar history since he was deported twice from the United States for what he defines himself as “a convicted criminal in the United States because I was deported twice, in 2000 and in 2007. My family still lives there but I am forbidden to go there from now on.”

The restaurant has not responded to claims of Kate despite the fact that the actress mentioned them directly on her Twitter.