They do not believe Aleida Núñez that her abdomen is from exercise

Through your social networks Aleida Nunez He shared a video that unleashed madness, and it is that in some media there was speculation about how marked his figure is.

From its beginnings in the world of entertainment Aleida Nunez She has proven to be a woman committed to her body, she always performs arduous exercise routines, Yoga positions and meditation to stay in shape.

All this the famous singer and actress share it on your official account Instagraminvolving all his fans in his activities to look spectacular.

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However, many have the doubt that their squares they are real or rather they are formed on the basis of an aesthetic operation that exists. In the Sale el Sol program, a wave of speculation was unleashed, since the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante doubts that this marked abdomen is real.

On the other hand, Joanna Vegabiestro was surprised to see her in that fabulous video and commented that Aleida Nunez She is one of the most committed celebrities with her figure, so she considers that perhaps exercise and discipline gave her that great body.

Surely this type of comment does not bother the famous, she is a public figure who is on the lookout for the reactions of her followers and all Internet users who observe her content on social networks.

What is a reality is that the protagonist of Theater is one of the most beautiful and attractive women, so she draws attention and lights up the spotlight with her risky and daring style and her subtle way of dressing.

The also businesswoman causes a stir with her personality, but makes it clear that she trusts her beauty and all her talent to stand out and highlight her name as one of the Regional Mexican singers who is imposing her voice to stand out within the genre.

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It is not the first time that Aleida Núñez has been questioned about her wonderful figure, but she has always maintained her position and has commented that only he had surgery the bust and that everything else has been worked on with gym routines and healthy eating.

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