They do not show the personality of Queen Elizabeth II – New Woman

fans of ‘The Crown’ They are more than used to controversy. And it is that after each season premiere it is very common that reactions are always generated in favor, but more against this series that in the eyes of many tells the real and even almost hidden history of the British royal family.

That is why its director Peter Morgan He is always at the epicenter of all controversies, because he has always tried to show his loyal audience that the characters shown in his series look and are just like those who live in the prestigious Buckingham Palace. But a few months ago one of the biographers who is in charge of studying, knowing and analyzing the life and work of royalty reiterated that what is shown is that production is not true.

At the discretion of Robert Hardman, people have a very misconception of what the personality of Queen Elizabeth II is like. He even confessed that everyone has been carried away by the idea that they have of her through this plot, but he who knows her, assures that is very far from reality.

Biographer assures that in ‘The Crown’ they do not show the personality of Queen Elizabeth II

Hardman surprised the followers of ‘The Crown’, Well, many believed that this series was a very accurate reflection of reality, but according to what he said in the interview they conducted with him in The Washington Post about his book “Queen of Our Times”, He commented that she is a very smiling woman and sure of what she is assuming as a monarch.

“’The Crown’ has almost become an established narrative of true history for much of the world, though probably a little less so in Britain, where it’s very divisive. The fundamental thing that they are wrong about her is that she is always besieged, pressured. Olivia Colman is just kind of a constant grump, laced with occasional fury. And that’s not her. I do not pretend to know her, but now I have followed her, I have been in her presence, I have seen her interact with people for several years and she is much more alert and optimistic, ”said the biographer and expert on royal issues.

Besides, She reiterated that she is a very optimistic person and that she always tries to find solutions to the problems that this family faces and does not usually react as they show her in the series. in which he generates more chaos than already exists, he flees and to complete the picture he frowns. “He is someone who tries to get positive things out of any situation he finds himself in,” added the biographer.

With this, this renowned writer sets off alarms especially among those who have always supported Morgan’s work in which he shows the darkest and most unexpected aspects of this family with special care, since for him there is nothing better than being credible before the demanding audience of this project with which he has earned recognition on the streaming platform.