They even say what not to El Canelo for dressing up as Atlas

After being tenure for his unsuccessful matchup against Dmitry Bivol, the famous boxing champion known as The cinnamon He gave something to talk about again after putting on his jacket Atlas.

Unleash a wave of intense reactions Saul El Canelo Alvarez through social networks, where a video circulates in which he unconditionally supports the Atlas del Guadalajara soccer team.

What caused the greatest stir is that previously the mexican athlete had shown to be a fan of the team of the Chivas Rojas del Guadalajara, hence some Internet users sent him criticism and intense comments.

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Many Internet users say that he failed the rojiblanco team, because he boasts in these images his love for Atlas, while sending a message to all fans of the football Mexican.

Not that very Chivas!!

Instagram users did not miss the opportunity and quickly sent him a large number of messages, among which the most negative stand out, since they even told him what they did not.

It’s important pointing that The cinnamon He shared this video in the semifinal of the closing tournament and it was the Atlas profile who publicized this moment with his followers, who applauded that he supposedly changed teams.

There is no doubt that the Mexican boxer becomes a trend with what he does and this time he put himself in the eye of the hurricane after appearing dressed as Atlas, who is going for his third crown against Los Tuzos del Pachuca.

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It is worth mentioning that El Canelo Álvarez has already decided that his next fight will be against Gennady Golovkin, whom he is eagerly awaiting to regain his place and pass the bitter pill of what he experienced with Bivol.


That Jude!

Shawls what a disappointment according to Chivas.

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