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in the middle of a financial crisis, Leo seeks to get ahead; only his knowledge can help you generate money… but in what area is he an expert? Well, in flirting!

That is why he decides to give classes to those who want to conquer someone; one of his students will be laloa boy who wears a shirt, tie and is somewhat shy, but yes, wanting to be the real love of a girl… will he succeed?

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This is how it unfolds Class, theatrical play which will have two premieres, on October 23 and 28, at the Theater Mexicoof Manolo Fabregas Center and that will be starring Leonardo de Lozanne and Miguel Burra, in the main roles and alternating roles with Alejandro Nones and José Eduardo Derbez.

Leo He is a guy who got stuck in a stage of life that is that of seduction and is hooked and obsessed with women. His passion, his life revolve around that, but obviously with a complicated, expensive lifestyle, even though he is older, “he said. By Lozanne at a press conference.

“It is a story that talks about something that we have all experienced, that our partner leaves us, they cheat on us or any problem in a relationship, this roll of depression, but also about getting ahead,” he added. Derbez.

Male toxicity, deception, love, abandonment and revenge are explored through humor, according to the director; Two different images of today’s women, empowered and independent, are also offered.

“The characters enter into a crisis with the new place that women are having in society, women have struggled to be where they are now and men are gradually understanding their new position.

lalo begins to understand the new ways of behaving in the female gender and Leo still thinks that a woman can hold her in the palm of her hand and that is no longer; we talk about evolution”, he commented on director Manuel Gonzalez Gil.

And, while the actors bear few similarities to each of their charactersthese revealed some flirting strategies that they apply in daily life.

They all agreed that good humor is the basis of any beginning of a relationship, while Nones is inclined to have fun with his partner through dancing, the son of Jose Eduardo Derbez choose to throw those “flirtatious looks” and then invite a drink.

“Undoubtedly, this project is not a simple comedy, it is a job of two actors killing each other in rhythm with totally different answers, but in the same context; it is complicated, it is a process that we are enjoying.

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“What actor you always want a great text, a great director and incredible colleagues and this is what this project represents for me”, assured Nones.

The story is born from the pen of Daniel Datola; while the production is carried out by Xavier López Miranda. The functions will be offered from Friday to Sunday.