“They feel everything is allowed in Dubai”: Hicham violently tackled by Booba after his controversial video!

A recent video posted on the web had provoked the indignation of Internet users. The latter indeed showed Hicham being violent towards a young woman while he was at a party in Dubai. Having felt that the anger of the public was mounting, the one who had appeared in the casting of the JLC Family had wanted to deliver some explanations in relation to the situation. He would then have surprised this person stealing jewelry and valuables during a party he had organized. The Dubai Porta Potty affair had not yet settled down when another scandal had already struck another reality TV candidate living in this city.

Hicham in Booba’s sights

This video in which Hicham finds himself in the skin of the main character had toured social networks. Everyone had their own way of interpreting things. Including Booba who wanted to show how angry he was with the reality TV contestant. The Duke had not minced his words to say to what extent the French personalities living in Dubai believed that everything was permitted. All this after calling them skewers of vermin.

Booba’s point of view is very simple. No matter why the situation had been so tense, a woman should never be treated like this. Hicham had for his part explained that he had in no way touched him. His punch having landed directly in the wall.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252557-ils-se-sentent-tout-permis-a-dubai-hicham-violemment-tacle-par-booba-apres-sa-video-polemique