They filter audio of Alicia Machado where she insults Kim Flores

It seems that the rivalry between Alicia Machado and Kimberly Flores It did not end in La Casa de los Famosos, because an audio recently came to light in which the former beauty queen can supposedly be heard saying even what not about Edwin Luna’s wife, recalling one of the most controversial moments of the first season of this reality show.

It is well known that both celebrities have not had a good relationship since they participated in the Telemundo program, after they were related to actor Roberto Romano, with whom it began to be rumored that Kimberly had had dangerous approaches until they came to speculate about alleged infidelity.

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Due to this great scandal, the leader and vocalist of the Trakalosa of Monterey He decided to remove the Guatemalan influencer from the reality show so that the gossip would end, however, the Venezuelan presenter has not been able to leave Flores’ behavior behind.

During the show program ‘Gossip no Like’, an audio of the winner of Miss Universe 1996 was leaked, in which she attacked the wife of the interpreter of ‘Si ya no me tú’ and even dared to insult her.

Although Alicia Machado did not mention the name of the famous internet celebrity, it was implied that she was talking about her due to the details she gave in the audio recording, where she told Kimberly Flores everything.

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“You can’t go through life talking about female empowerment and hanging shit on another woman, there are some who deserve it for whores, because you’re a married lady and you have three children from different fathers and you have a man who He loves you and takes care of you and you go and sleep with a partner a week before entering a show, well, what a shame ”, it was possible to hear in the filtered audio.

The former beauty queen assures that she will not be able to forget the actions of her former partner in the reality show, because being a married woman with children, she had to show her values ​​and morals: “I do not forget it, it was something very strong because within The house of celebrities, values, criteria and morals… that’s where the strength comes out”.

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