They filter the real reason why Thalía postponed her daughter’s XV years

Mexico City.- It transpired that sabrinathe daughter of Thalia She is about to turn 15, and the singer knows that it is one of the most representative celebrations and at the same time most longed for by most adolescents, but apparently she decided to postpone it.

Jorge Garcia Cardenasbetter known as Mitzy, was the one who revealed that the daughter of the interpreter of “Seduction” had asked her for the big celebration that her dress be a replica of the one she wore at her wedding in December 2000.

But what surprised everyone is that the wife of Tommy Mottola He canceled the party for the moment, and unexpectedly, the reason was his grandmother.

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The dressmaker assured that Sabrina, Thalía’s daughter, wants a dress like the one her mother married. Photo: Special.

It transpired that, recently, Thalía has been very worried about her grandmother Eva Mangewho is already 104 years old, because they assure that she was a victim of mistreatment in the asylum where she was admitted by her other granddaughter, the actress Laura Zapata.

Because the grandmother of the interpreter of “Since that night” is not in very good health, the party to celebrate the XV years of sabrinawhich would be next October, will have to be postponed until her great-grandmother gets better.

“Although you may not believe it, she is one hundred percent aware of her grandmother. She is attentive in all aspects,” the designer revealed to the media. “She is paying everything so that she doesn’t need a single peso for her grandmother. She is aware of everything, ”he stressed.

The designer Mitzy was in charge of filtering that the reason is because of Thalía’s grandmother. Photo: Special.

He said that “what he is living with his grandmother is respectable, and that right now she is the main thing, more than anything else,” he said.

Let us remember that Sabrina Sakaë is the firstborn Thalia procreated in her marriage to the Italian businessman Tommy Mottola, in addition to matthew alexanderwho is currently 10 years old, and this 2022 they have already been married for 22 years.

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