They gave maturity lessons with this gesture

The life of JLo and Jennifer Garner joined forever after the singer said “I do” to the actress’s ex, Ben Affleck, last year at two romantic weddings.

Since then, they understood that their role was to support and respect each other so that the family could live together in peace, especially for the couple’s children.

the interpreter of on the floor with her twins, Max and Emme, and the three of the protagonist of Batman with the American: Violet (17), Seraphina (13) and Samuel (10), who share together in the famous mansion.

For this powerful reason, the two have shown a lot of maturity in the way they relate to and talk about each other, as was evident in recent paparazzi postcards from JLo and Jennifer Garner that went viral on social networks.

They show that the two attended a recital by the daughter of the actors, Seraphina Rose, achieving a healthy coexistence where the central axis is the well-being of adolescents.

Although there are only photos of the arrival at the place and at no time are they seen sharing time together, The media assert that the coexistence between them is healthy. In fact, Garner herself sent the current couple flowers on their wedding day.

In accordance with Peoplein the family event was even the grandmother of the young people and mother of Ben, as well as all their children, who hugged and greeted the diva from the Bronx with great affection. Undoubtedly, a very powerful example that proves that it is possible to live in healthy co-parenting after a marital separation.