“They had no more money, nothing more”: Michèle Bernier without filter on the suicide of her mother

Michele Bernier is to be found this evening on France 3 in “The trainee”, with two episodes of season 6 on the program, followed in stride by two episodes of season 3. A series in which she plays the role of a mother. Hers, Odile Vaudelle, the actress unfortunately lost her in real life, in absolutely tragic conditions since she committed suicide.

I would always like to think that she actually didn’t want… That it went further than she thought. Maybe it was a cry for help that she didn’t heed… She was a woman who was suffering in the last year of her life. They had no money, nothing. everything was hard” she confided in Karine Le Marchand in her show An intimate ambition. His cousin Daniel remembers exactly the details of this tragic event, and in particular the reaction of the ex-companion of Bruno Gaccio.

“Total Annihilation”

“For her, it was total annihilation. I went to recognize the body at the morgue and she couldn’t go, it was not possible. Some time later, she asked me: ‘How she was, mom?’ I replied that she was still very beautiful” he said. This disappearance was a taboo for a long time within the actress’s family. She took time to talk about her mom. When I was little, I didn’t know much. That her name was Odile and that I had not known her” had explained in particular his daughter Charlotte, in a relationship since she was 14 years old.

Since then, it’s no longer a secret. This drama hasupset the whole family” told Michèle Bernier, who notably realized, thanks to this painful episode of her existence, the impact that the role of a grandmother could have on a child. “When I became a mother I said to myself:Shit, I don’t have my mother with me and I would have liked so much that my children knew her. That’s why today I’m a very present grandmother” she said. She also believes since that “life is a gift”.

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