“They haven’t changed”: Stéphane Séjourné shows his fangs against Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella

While he has just formalized his candidacy for the head of Renaissance, Stéphane Séjourné is attacking Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella. From his Twitter account, the companion of Gabriel Attal released the fangs, this Thursday, July 7 “They haven’t changed”…

Stéphane Séjourné does not beat around the bush. Personally chosen by Emmanuel Macron, the companion of Gabriel Attal was in charge of “reinvent” the presidential party. Eager to see Renaissance operational at the start of the school yearthe MEP notably formalized his candidacy for the head of the party in Le Figarothis Thursday, July 7, 2022. So, whoever could succeed Stanislas Guerini takes his next mission to heart and don’t hesitate to show your fangs. From his Twitter account, the latter did not fail to attack Marine Le Pen and her foal, Jordan Bardella: The RN, Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella dare not tell you that they are against the right to abortion“, he wrote in the caption, before continuing.

So as not to show their true face, they did not take part in the final vote on abortion in Parliament, even though they were…in the hemicycle. They haven’t changed“, finally assures Versailles. “We have never questioned access to abortion”, nevertheless assured Marine Le Pen on France info, June 29. When she was campaigning with her father in 2002, the latter’s FN program was very clear: Going against the common good of our country, the laws on abortion will be repealed“, was he assured. Later, the presidential candidate notably shocked public opinion, by proposing abortion reimbursement for so-called abortions “of comfort”, note our colleagues.

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Marine Le Pen: what is her position on abortion?

“At the time, she is still confronted with an old guard of the extreme right, and this question of abortion, at the time, this is one of the messages she sends to tell her old guard (…): ‘The party is changing, but I don’t forget some of our fundamental cultural traitsassures the researcher Gilles Ivaldi, to France Info. But since her rise to the head of the party, the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen has changed her strategy:The desire is to demonize the far right, especially around the issue of abortion. The candidate even gave a mea culpa on comfort abortion during the 2022 presidential campaign“, report our colleagues. More modern on the question of abortion, Marine Le Pen has recently “opposed to the extension of the deadline, and to the inclusion of this right in the Constitution”.

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