They interrupted the Intocable concert due to low pressure from Ricky Muñoz

(Photo: Instagram/groupintocable)
(Photo: Instagram/groupintocable)

On their tour, the musical group Untouchable had a problem after the vocalist of the group vanished in full performance at his concert in Plaza México.

“They are informing me that… we just saw back here… Patience everyone please… Ricky Muñoz, attention… Ricky Muñoz lowered the pressurethey just put him in the ambulance right now, ”they reported after 30 minutes of the show.

This drop in pressure was attributed to the workload carried by the vocalist. So he was taken to an ambulance to be treated and thus continue with the concert.

“Here it is. They’re trying to cheer him up, Everything is calm. Patience only. Untouchable is not going away. Ricky Muñoz is recovering”, they reported. And they mentioned that he has had several tours in several weeks “and has not rested at all.”

The Grupo Intocable concert had to be stopped for almost an hour REUTERS/Steve Marcus
The Grupo Intocable concert had to be stopped for almost an hour REUTERS/Steve Marcus

So they asked for a few minutes of patience for Muñoz to recover his strength, but the public began to show signs of discontent through screams and whistles in the form of claims for the band. To which the advertiser requested that they not whistle and instead send encouragement so that he would recover quickly.

“No whistling and nothing, on the contrary, give him a stick”, they asked. In addition, the lack of the band caused different social network users to share their disgust and surprise at this unexpected event.

Some indicated that the sound was not adequate and that in addition to the fainting of the vocalist, the group it had taken an hour to leave to start the touch.

“And what gives the gentleman #RikyMuñoz the vagid in full #INTOCABLE concert after almost an hour, returned to the stage…”; “It was the WORST concert I’ve ever been to”; “I demand my refund from the concert of #untouchable. 1 hour waiting to revive ricky”; “The Ricky Muñoz said “OrinitaVengo” u know it takes 1 hour with the paramedics alv!! #INTOCABLE”, were some of the many comments from the public.

According to the comments, the concert continued after almost an hour and that as part of the recovery, Muñoz had to continue but sitting.

The concert was interrupted by low pressure from Ricky Muñoz (photo: @Sr_Kraken)
The concert was interrupted by low pressure from Ricky Muñoz (photo: @Sr_Kraken)

The concert in the iconic Mexico City Bullringwas announced as of March, whose prices hovered between 300 and the 3 thousand pesosas part of their “Modus Operandi Tour”, with which they will perform in other states such as Querétaro, Coahuila, Guadalajara, Veracruz among others.

And the one in the capital was the fifth presentation of the Tour, the fifth in a row, after five days of his last presentation in Los Mochis, in the state of Sinaloa on May 5 and 6. And in Hermosillo, Sonora, on the 7th and 8th.

There they experienced another controversy when in his presentation in Hermosillo, Ricky Muñoz, after declaring that it was one of the best moments of his life, suggested to his audience to put down their cell phones to better enjoy the concert.

“My suggestion is to be able to create more moments and memories, you have to live them and not be lost in their fucking cell phones. Really, that is, life is here, you and us. How pathetic and how sad (…) that you want to be living a life that you are not living why are you looking at the cell phone. Really, it’s very sad and very pathetic, “said the vocalist.

On May 14 they have it scheduled in Villa Victoria, State of Mexico; on the 20th in Querétaro, and on the 21st and 22nd in Saltillo Coahuila.


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