They issue a new arrest warrant against Inés Gómez Mont

The former presenter remains a fugitive from justice along with her husband Víctor Álvarez Puga. The Prosecutor’s Office accuses them of omission of Income Tax for $318,000.

The Mexican authorities have issued a new arrest warrant against the actress Inéz Gómez Mont who is a fugitive from justice with her husband Victor Alvarez Pugaboth accused of alleged money laundering.

The second arrest warrant was issued for the crime of tax fraud for 6 million 600 thousand pesos ($318,000). According to the authorities, the actress omitted the payment of income tax during the 2015 fiscal period.

The judicial information shows that the second arrest warrant was issued at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Last October, the authorities managed to issue a red broadcast for the former driver and her partner. The famous promoted an amparo against this provision but it was denied by the Thirteenth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters.

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According to Mexican media, Mont requested a new amparo appeal for this new order, but it was also denied. He has now requested a new legal appeal which was admitted for processing by a Collegiate Court, which will determine whether to confirm, revoke or modify the first decision.

Since September of last year, the whereabouts of the television presenter and her husband have been unknown, although it transpires that they have been seen in some South American countries and moving by sea.

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International media have made it known that the couple is willing to collaborate with the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office to obtain an “opportunity criterion” and thus not go to jail or at least receive a low conviction.