They leave Pati Chapoy with gossip in her mouth and cut ‘Ventaneando’ (VIDEO)

During 27 years of ‘Ventaneando’, Pati Chapoy has shared innumerable exclusives about the middle of the show, and she would do so on Friday, January 20. However, the program ended and she was left with the word in her mouth.

From the beginning of the program, he warned that he had a scoop on the new presenter that “Venga la alegría” will have starting Monday, January 23. “Today I have news for you. Next Monday in ‘Venga la alegría’, they will receive a new member in the leadership.”

The journalist encouraged to stay in the program to find out the name, but the final minutes arrived, and she could no longer reveal the name of the new driver.

The public noticed it and questioned why the program was cut without Pati Chapoy being able to break the news. Apparently, the time of the program ran out and nobody could do anything… But it is unusual because perhaps this had never happened before.

Mónica Castañeda tried to warn Pati that there was no more time, but they turned off the lights and the program ended while Chapoy is seen speaking, but without the audience being able to hear her.

You can see the awkward moment from minute 27:37.

Surprises have already been announced on the ‘Venga la alegría’ social networks, and apparently there will be not one but two new guest conductors. However, they only announce the “new driver” in the singular… Who will it be?

The public already has its bets: Ernesto Laguardia and even Linet Puente, host of ‘Ventaneando’.

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