“They live in their own house and ride in a $200,000 Mercedes Benz”: Anuel’s sister does not remain silent in her ex-sister-in-law’s lawsuit and comes out in defense of the reggaeton singer | People | Entertainment

The lawsuit initiated by the former partner and sister-in-law of the singer Anuel AA, against him and in which they accuse him of being “a bad father” does not end. And in a new chapter, the reggaeton’s younger sister came out in her defense, denying all the accusations and giving details of the lifestyle they enjoy, thanks to the musician’s money.

The interpreter of the “Jeepeta”, has not responded from his Instagram account with any publication, although some of the fans already reproach him with messages, his supposed abandonment of little Pablo.

For months, the renowned king of trap has not posted photos with his only heir, which he did when he was Karol G’s partner, with whom he was often seen celebrating the birthday of the 8-year-old boy, who lives with his mother in the island of Puerto Rico.

“You are so miserable that you call him for an application”: Ex-partner and sister-in-law of Anuel AA explode accusing him of being a “bad father” and leaving his son homeless

The revealing clarifications of the sister of Anuel AA

“There are no truths, but versions,” Jennifer Gazmey Santiago, known in the art world as Jliany, Anuel AA’s sister, wrote in one of her Instagram stories.

Anuel’s sister published several stories on her Instagram about the conflict with her nephew.

The also reggaeton singer who has just begun to build her career as a singer, came out against the serious accusations that Pablito’s mother and aunt were responsible for launching through the networks.

Using the networks, the young woman was the one who decided to defend her brother, in the face of the harsh claims made by Nicole and Astrid Cuevas, in which, in short, they accuse the singer of being a “bad father”, leaving him homeless, in addition to keeping his romantic intentions with the mother of his child.

Jliany got to the point and denied that Anuel had taken the house from his firstborn, in a brief and forceful message in his stories.

Pablito is not sleeping on the street. Her mother, along with my nephew, live in a cheap house (her own) in Puerto Rico, which she chose and my brother bought for her. They ride in a $200,000 Mercedes Benz G Wagon bus

In this way he began his version of the events, in which he left both young women in a bad way, who ranted against Anuel and his role as a father.

He added that he not only owns those assets, because in the United States he has another residence that will be owned by the minor today, when he reaches the age of majority. “In Miami he has another bus (car), Mercedes and another house he owns, valued at 1.8 million, a house that on paper is stipulated belongs to Pablito, when he turns 18 … and they also keep traveling from Miami to Puerto Rico, and vice versa,” he said.

Jliany assured that her brother does provide her with a considerable pension to support her son. “Oh, and with the thousands of $$$ you receive in pension and the support that your family has always given you. Saying that Pablito does not have a bed to sleep in is disrespectful and leaves a lot to say, ”she concluded her message.

The comments of the netizens were divided in this family lawsuit, in which the well-being of the child is put between said. Some spoke of the jealousy that Anuel’s ex-partner revealed, before Yailin’s arrival, others did not give truth to the accusations, while a few recalled that the artist is an “absent father”, who only makes millionaire gifts, but is not present in Pablito’s life.

Recently, the young artist made headlines when the media recalled an interview she offered in 2021, speaking out in favor of her brother’s reconciliation with Karol G. (AND)

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