They love being single! Marlene Favela, El Potro and other celebrities who prefer to be alone

For them, the ideal phrase seems to be: “I am delighted to be happily single and not unhappily married.” And although they have virtues and qualities that would conquer any couple, Cupid’s arrows have been diverted, leaving them unharmed by the evil of love. Some have been protagonists of hits that have gone around the world, others are potential leading men and some more influencers are beginning to shine on social networks and the small screen. They have everything, except someone to move the floor. We went to television forums and red carpets for the stars to tell us the reasons that keep them free and uncompromising. His pitch: “I like being single. I’m always there when you need me the most.”


According to surveys of couples therapists, these factors are what motivate many people to avoid the commitment of a couple.

  • They enjoy a greater sense of freedom.
  • They are not accountable to anyone.
  • They appreciate moments of solitude.
  • They dig into who he is and what he wants.
  • They have more time to take care of themselves.
  • They are open to new experiences.
  • They save a lot of money.
  • Not having a partner, they don’t worry about paying double.
  • They have more free time to do the things they enjoy.
  • There is emotional healing; their self-esteem improves and anxiety decreases.

“I have devoted myself completely to raising my daughter, Bella, that’s why I’ve neglected that part; I want to see her grow and be present in each of her stages. In the three years that I’ve been alone I’ve been very happy, I don’t I regret that decision. I know I’ll have to rebuild my life, so if love arrives, perfect, and if not, too. Right now, I don’t know what time I would have time, if I spend it in the girl’s classes; Unless he finds me a teacher or something out there, we’re going to give him time to be the right person and at the right time, only God decides that,” says the actress.

Marlene Favela prefers to be single

“I am single because, at the moment, I do not have time for a relationship; with the podcast and my participation in The Stars Dance on Today, there is no room for romance. The pros and cons of being single depend on each one. After my last relationship, I valued having time for myself; It’s really fun because you can land your projects and do them with much more focus, unlike a person who is in a commitment. I am an old-fashioned man: I believe in marriage, in the family and I am sure that all of this will come at some point in my life”, the controversial participant of the reality show broadcast by the stars told us.

Luis Caballero ‘Potro’ was one of the celebrities who attended.

“I’m still single, but it’s funny: they marry me online, and then that’s also a problem: they put their first and last names, but nothing to do with it. I’m still single, but I don’t lose faith. I recently had a bad experience with a lout; I had known him for a long time, we were together for two years and he wanted to apply gosthing to me (cruel way of ending relationships in the digital age, suddenly disappearing). I think he was afraid of commitment, and life has to be run with all its risks. We must always dare to take the step and seek our happiness”.

“In general, I am not a person who settles easily, that does not make things easier either. I believe that God gives you the right people, because when you decide there are always mistakes. I have screwed up to the knee, and I no longer want to suffer; In my last relationship I did not do well at all, I suffered a lot. I would love to find a good, hard-working man who has what he owns; I am not asking for a millionaire, but someone mature, cheerful, who makes me laugh and knows what he wants.

“I discovered that Luciano and Carlo are jealous, but sometimes the latter tells me to encourage myself to have a boyfriend. So I ask him why if I already have with them (laughs). Right now I am single, maybe later a man will come into my life who will join my happiness, my activities and let himself be pampered and pampered. I do not deny that there are suitors, but nothing formal. At the moment I want to dedicate time to my children, I think it’s worth it. They will be close to flying alone, and then I will give myself time”.

“Today it is more difficult to fall in love; I am a complete woman who is not conquered with stories. Conversation and intelligence are very important things to me. To be beautiful you do what you can, I try to always be active; I am a person who works on her happiness, who still hasn’t made arrangements, but I’m not closed. I would love to fall in love with an intelligent man, who has his finances in order and is healthy in body, soul and mind, who likes to travel, talk, have after-dinner meals; I’m not looking for complicated things. At this point I’m not afraid of anything, and sometimes I do miss that hug and sharing my day to day with someone”.

“The advantage of being single is that you have the opportunity to be more focused on your work, your profession and your personal growth. To have a relationship with someone else, you must first be okay with yourself, be emotionally and financially stable in order to provide security for your partner. The downside is that if you are emotionally unstable, you will have a hard time filling gaps with anyone, you will feel depressed and perhaps anxious. After being married, the former soccer player told us if he still believes in marriage: “I come from a family with deeply rooted principles and values, which is why I believe that marriage is a mistake that all human beings must make at least once in his life; however, I do not believe in it, nor in a signature that supports the fact that “You belong to me” or “I belong to you” because nobody belongs to anyone. I already got married and I already divorced; For now, I prefer to be with someone with whom I can make agreements because we both want to, and not because we have to. At this moment, remarrying is not on my mind.”

“The cons of being single is that sometimes you feel lonely, and if you just broke up with your girlfriend, you have to avoid social media for a while so you don’t see her. Obviously you must close cycles and open others, not to mention that they remind you of your ex all the time. And the pros of not having a girlfriend is that you have freedom and the opportunity to meet more people. I’ve always said that the love of your life is out there hanging around, and after you meet him, there’s another one (laughs). Regarding marriage, I respect those who decide to get married, I applaud them; I would prefer a spiritual wedding, where there is a sea as a backdrop”.

The youtuber confesses that he really enjoys being single, “because you have the time to be with yourself, you don’t have to account for where you’re going or with whom. I only see one cons: sometimes, at night, you need a loving hug or a good chat. In his opinion, “marriage extinguishes love, and things begin to be done out of obligation. I prefer to live in free union, and if the love of my life arrives at this moment, I would tell him that, instead of getting married, we should be together like this. And if I see her flatly very insistent, well, I’m getting married! (laughs)”.

“The leading men can continue to send their applications (laughs). I don’t consider myself complicated in relationships, but maybe I should become stricter. I definitely have to change something because I am surely doing it wrong. Being a public figure plays a big role; maybe some men feel intimidated, it may be that they are very macho in that aspect, and I also spend my life from one place to another. That lack of stability makes a relationship difficult. I would like to find a man with personality, thoughtful, who makes me laugh and who is cute. I don’t want someone to say ‘Yes’ to everything I say; I want him to also have the power to give his point of view ”.

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