They meet with Derbez, his ‘dad’, Ludoviquito and Junior, from the Peluche Family at the premiere of The Valet

Mexico.- Eugenio Derbez currently promoting his latest film, The Valet, and in one of the places where it premiered, the one known as ‘Ludovico Teddy’ he was accompanied by ‘his sons’: Ludoviquito and Junior.

The actors José Miguel Pérez and Luis Manuel Ávila, famous for playing Ludoviquito and Junior in the series of Televisa “La Familia P. Luche”, They boasted through their social networks the meeting they had with Derbez, because they are proud of the achievements that the Mexican comedian has recently had.

Eugenio Derbez has just released his film ‘The Valet’, and his ‘children’ Ludoviquito and Junior accompanied him at one of the premieres. Photo: Instagram

“It’s always a pleasure to accompany you in all your projects! I love you pa! @ederbez Don’t miss your new movie #thevalet #2022 #eugenioderbez @luismanuelavila10”, wrote ‘Ludoviquito’ along with a photograph in which he appears with the character creator like El Lonje Moco.

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It is not the first time that ‘Ludoviquito’ shows his affection for ‘his father’, last March, when the Oscar Awards ceremony took place, José Miguel Pérez congratulated Derbez, who acted in the film “CODA”, winner of the statuette for Best Film.

José Miguel Pérez (Ludoviquito Peluche) and Luis Manuel Ávila (Junior) always support ‘his dad’ Derbez. Photo: Instagram

“Many congratulations to you! What pride !!!”, she wrote next to a photo of Ludoviquito and Ludovico Peluche together.

Nor has Junior forgotten his ‘adoptive father’, since he also published an image with ‘Ludoviquito’ and added another in which Eugenio Derbez is at the premiere of “The Valet”.

“Thank you always, dear Eugenio @ederbez for sharing your projects with us #Premiere #ElValet #cinema #TheValetMovie #premiere @jmigueperez @luismanuelavila10,” he wrote on Instagram.

The controversy with Televisa and the Peluche Family

Eugenio Derbez is in the middle of the controversy after assuring that Televisa had vetoed him, since the president of the television station, Emilio Azcárraga, published several tweets in which he pointed out, using iconic phrases of the comedian’s characters, that it was not true.

“Neta @EugenioDerbez before saying that you are banned, ask me, caon. Otherwise I’m going to think you’re not a normal guy. Hear me no, hear me no. What you declared about a supposed veto by Televisa was horrible,” Azcárraga wrote.

Derbez “fight” with Televisa for the series about the Peluche Family, since the company claims to have the rights, but the comedian said that the characters and the concept belong to him. Photo: Instagram

In addition, the director of Televisa revealed that the reality was that Derbez was angry because he wanted “to be given the rights of the Peluche Family.”

After this, Derbez replied, with the same humor and also on Twitter, to show him that he was not banned, because after speaking out against the construction of section 5 of the Televisa Mayan Train they had not interviewed him again, he also clarified that Televisa He only owned the name of the hit series, but the characters and concept were his.

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“Oh, and about the rights of the Peluche Family, tell them not to be like that, ‘have someone explain to you’ that point as well. I know it’s going to sound ‘horrible, horrible’, but I am the owner of the characters and the concept, Televisa only owns the name. Sorry, friend!”.

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