They prepare second part of La desalmada and Livia Brito not even aware

A couple of months ago, the second season of ‘The Heartless’ was confirmed by Televisa/Univisión after the presentation of its stellar programming for the 2022-23 season, which immediately moved the millions of viewers who were looking forward to the second part.

“After the great success of “La Desalmada” comes the next chapter of this romantic melodrama to primetime on Univisión. The story focuses on the life of Fernanda Linares, who, after avenging the murder of her husband, focuses on regaining her husband’s trust. However, her past haunts her as Agustín tries to destabilize her new marriage and turn her husband against her. José Ron and Livia Brito return for the second season, which will have more surprises and unexpected plot twists”, the producer presented last May.

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However, although the second part of the successful telenovela has already been officially confirmed, Livia Brito she confessed she was not aware, since no one from the production has contacted her to notify her about the project, did they exclude her?

During an interview for People en Español magazine, the renowned Cuban actress assured that she was not aware of the situation until several people questioned her on the subject and she began to see the announcement through the media.

“I wish I had something to tell you, but to me they haven’t even spoken to me to tell me that the second part is going of the heartless I have found out precisely from people like you who have told me, but directly that the production or someone from Televisa told me ‘hey La desalmada is going for such a date, La desalmada we already have a second part’, no one has told me”, he explained.

To everyone’s surprise, the protagonist of ‘Italian Girl Comes to Get Married’ clarified that Televisa had not contacted her to ask her to be part of the melodrama, which is an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela ‘La dama de Troya’: “No one has said anything to the heartless”, he said between laughs.

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However, not because the production has not approached Livia Brito, it does not mean that she is already out of the project, so there could be some possibility that she is part of the melodrama, and the actress stressed that she I would be delighted to participate again in the story that became one of the favorites of the audience.

Of course yes (I would participate). In fact, when the novel was finished I said: ‘I guess they’re going to make a second part because they left it open, there’s still a lot of story to tell’. And I said it in all the interviews: ‘I hope they make a second part‘. And if they already announced it at the Upfront, I imagine that it is already official, ”she pointed out.

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