They report that Ingrid Coronado would have known that Fernando del Solar was only 6 months old

It seems that the unfortunate death of Fernando del Solar will continue to give a lot to talk about for a while, and now it has been revealed that the driver would have known that he had little time to live.

It was an anonymous source that revealed to TV Notas magazine that the Argentine began to feel bad at the end of 2021, and although he tried to recover, he knew that he only had 6 months to live.

“At the end of 2021 he started to feel bad, his chest hurt a lot and he got very tired. She went to the doctor, who told her that she had found a new tumor in her left lung, and they immediately began to treat her with chemo. The doctor was very clear and told her that he only gave her six months to live, since her lungs were very damaged. He asked both him and Anna to take extreme care of him to prevent any virus from staying in his respiratory tract, since his lungs could not withstand another pneumonia “, counted.

After receiving the aforementioned news, Fernando del Solar supposedly made the decision not to tell anyone about the medical diagnosis, because he did not want people to see him with pity, so he kept the secret.

According to the informant, the only people who knew that the driver had a few months to live were Anna Ferro, her mother Rosa Lina Servidio, her sisters and Ingrid Coronado.