They reveal curious details of the coronation of Carlos III

It is not yet known if Enrique – who lives in the United States – and his wife, the exactriz Meghan Markle, will attend the coronation

The coronation of King Charles III in May will feature a star-studded concert, a grand “national lunch” and a volunteer promotion initiative, in addition to the traditional ceremony and parades, Buckingham Palace announced Saturday.

The festivities, ceremonies and community events, which will last three days, will be an opportunity “for people to come together in a celebration of a historic occasion”, added.

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Until then, the monarchy will try to reduce the negative impact of inflammatory statements about the royal family contained in the memoir “In the Shadows” by Prince Harry, the king’s youngest son, published this month.

It is not yet known if Enrique – who lives in the United States – and his wife, the exactriz Meghan Markle, will attend the coronation, but a recent report in the Sunday Times newspaper indicated that there could be a reconciliation with his father and his brother Guillermo, heir of the throne, before the celebration.

Carlos, 74, became king after the death in September of his mother, Isabel II, at the age of 96, 70 of them at the helm of the monarchy.

Carlos II also assumed as head of state of the 14 countries of the British Commonwealth (Commonwealth), including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The coronation usually takes place a few months after the monarch takes office, as there is a period of national mourning and many details to adjust.


Charles III’s coronation, the first in the UK since 1953, will take place on Saturday May 6 at Westminster Abbey, where they have been held for 900 years.

His 75-year-old wife Camila will also be crowned consort.

The couple will arrive from the palace without other members of the royal family, in what is known as the “king’s procession”, and then return with a retinue, known as the “coronation procession”.

To close the first day, the members of royalty will greet the population from a balcony of Buckingham Palace, on whose esplanade thousands of people are expected to gather.

A “special” concert

The following day, a “special coronation concert” will be held at Windsor Castle, west London, broadcast live on the BBC, featuring “world music icons and contemporary stars”.

A “coronation choir” will also perform, made up of amateur singing groups from across the UK, from choirs of refugees, health workers and LGTBQ+ groups (lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual, ‘queer’ and others). as well as deaf people.

The main course will arrive at night, with a light show entitled “Light up the nation” that will fill emblematic places with colors, with projectors, lasers and drones.

Neighbors and communities will be invited to participate in “great coronation luncheons” as a “national act of celebration and friendship.”

Monday, the last day of the festivities (which this year will be a holiday), will be organized by charitable and religious groups, which “will highlight the positive impact of volunteerism in the nation’s communities.”