They reveal how Shakira was able to realize Piqué’s alleged infidelity

Spain.- Two weeks have passed since the separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué after 12 years of relationship, through a brief statement shared by the singer’s office.

In the midst of a wave of speculation about the reasons that led them to make the decision to break their union in which they had two children, Milan Y SashaNow a new scandal breaks the scene, as it came to light how the Colombian singer allegedly discovered the alleged infidelity of the Spanish soccer player.

Let us remember that so far neither of the two celebrities has decided to break their silence and reveal the true causes of why they made the decision to separate.

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The first version and which continues to circulate very strongly refers to the alleged infidelity on the part of the player of the FC Barcelonawho was surprised by the interpreter of “My hips don’t lie”.

According to media information from Spainthe singer from Barranquilla suspected the behavior of her then partner, so she decided to hire a detective agency, who supposedly verified her suspicions and were also in charge of sharing that information with some Spanish media, who in turn were in charge of disseminating it, since they all have the elements to support their claims.

Shakira confirmed her separation from Piqué after 12 years of relationship and two children together. Photo: Special.

However, the alleged images of Piqué with his companion are in the possession of whoever paid for them, that is, of Shakiraso apparently they would never come to light.

“Shakira did not want the news to come out. Gerard is the one who has forced her out. The moment the girl comes out, I start to find out who she is… She is 22 years old and they tell me she is a stewardess at night in a nightclub that Piqué frequents a lot,” said the paparazzi Jordi Martin.

With so many rumors around them and people who are already coming forward to support their information, Shakira or Piqué are expected to do the same by taking the upper hand and quelling rumors since they have not provided extra information to the published statement. .

The 22-year-old would have allegedly been discovered by the same singer. Photo: Special.

However, the young woman identified as being “the third in discord” in the relationship of celebrities, broke her silence and clarified that they are confusing her since she does not know the footballer.

“I would like to clarify that I do not know Gerard Piqué of absolutely nothing. I was awarded the role based on the description of the alleged girl. It’s not me and I don’t know him, so I ask you to please leave me alone, “she revealed during an interview with the Spanish media Socialite.

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