They reveal that Shakira caught Piqué with a “prohibited” video on his cell phone; she had it hidden

Shakira, one of the most recognized Colombian artists worldwide, surprised all her followers last weekend and confirmed that she is officially separating from Gerard Piqué, after twelve years of romantic relationship.

“We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thanks for your understanding”, He specified in a short press release.

After this announcement, the main Spanish media have revealed some details of the couple. The journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas even stated in the magazine Heart that the central defender would be dating a 20-year-old girl.

the informative 20 minutes He also assured this Tuesday that the coffee artist tried to return with the Spanish soccer player on two occasions. Likewise, he indicated that he would have been unfaithful to the singer more than once.

“Shakira tried to come back, even on two occasions, with the father of her children, despite the fact that the decision had already been made. They insist that her love for him is blinding. She was hoping to pick up from the wound, as it happened in the past”, he pointed out.

This week as well. TV Notes He pointed out that the Barranquillera would have discovered Gerard Piqué a hidden cell phone, supposedly, in the closet of the main room.

Although it is not strange that this type of celebrity has more than one mobile phone, the portal specified that a “reliable” source revealed to them that the Spaniard had saved, apparently, a “forbidden” video, which would not be directed for Shakira.

“The video is not only evidence that Gerard was unfaithful, but it is very risqué. Obviously, neither she nor he wants her children to find out about all this. They only know that mom and dad no longer understand each other, and that now they will live apart. concluded.

It should be remembered that the journalist Laura Fa was the first to reveal the difficult situation that the couple was experiencing and stated last week in a podcast that the Colombian singer would have discovered the Barcelona player with another woman, for which they stopped living together.

“What they tell me is the following: ‘Shakira has caught Piqué with another and they are going to separate’. There is a crisis!” reported the Catalan presenter, that he did not want to reveal the source that gave him that information.

The communicator pointed out at that time that the sentimental relationship between the Barranquilla and the Spaniard had not been good for a long time. In addition, she pointed out that Piqué went to live in an exclusive apartment in that city.

“They already live in different places. Gerard is in the center of Barcelona, ​​in his bachelor flat. He goes wild from party to party. It is evident that there is a crisis, because there would be a third person, of which Shakira has been aware “, added Laura Fa on the podcast.

The renowned presenter José Antonio Avilés finally assured this week that Shakira and the central defender had an open relationship, since they had been in crisis for several months.