They reveal the first images of Amaia Montero after leaving rehabilitation

BARCELONA, SPAIN.- The ex-vocalist of “Van Gogh’s Ear”, Amaia Montero, it came out of rehabilitation after spending a month admitted to a clinic in Navarra, Pamplona, ​​Spain. Her reappearance caused a furore on social media.

After several weeks in hospital, the singer was seen leaving the clinic in a comfortable outfit while loading the suitcases into a vehicle.

Due to the entire process that he is going through, his appearance is very different from what he used to show on social networks, but his fans have not hesitated to send him good vibes and messages of encouragement so that he can overcome his problems and return to the scene.

Upon leaving rehabilitation, Amaia was reunited with her sister, who, together with the family, supported her in her recovery.

Amaia set off alarms with a strange message and photo

The alarm signals went off a month ago, when the interpreter of the popular song of the two thousand years “La playa” published a photo where she looked very emaciated. In addition, her description suggested that she was not feeling well emotionally.

“If hope is the last thing to die and I still haven’t lost it, what use is life to me,” his message read.

According to entertainment sources, Montero has been suffering several setbacks in her personal and professional life for several years, for which she was forced to seek professional help.

At the moment, neither the artist nor her relatives have provided the official version of her state of health.