They reveal the reasons why Rodrigo de Paul almost did not see his children in Buenos Aires

A strong controversy was generated on social networks when, after celebrating in a caravan obtaining the World Cup, Rodrigo dePaul went directly to see Tini Stoessel instead of seeing his children, with whom he had not shared time for a month.

This attitude of the Scaloneta midfielder generated outrage on social networks, where many users questioned it. However, this did not seem to affect him. Paul’swho uploaded several photos with tinibut none with their children.

However, in the last hours it was clarified that Paul’s He did see his children the day after landing in Argentina, since it was known that he went to look for them and was with them for a long time.

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul.
Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul.

In addition, the fact that Francesca Y Baptistthe children who Paul’s has with camila homsThey spent Christmas with their father and family. Even the soccer player’s mother uploaded photos with her grandchildren.

Now, Rodrigo packed his bags and flew to Madrid with tini, with whom he spent New Years. This again generated criticism for the short time that she supposedly spent with her two children in Argentina. “She does not face the press because there is a lot of swell due to what has been her minimal contact with her children. On top of that, he had a dismissive attitude towards her ex, ”said Rodrigo Lussich.

In this context, Ángel de Brito was the one who told the reasons why Paul’s He didn’t spend that much time with Francesca and Bautista. “Why doesn’t Paul spend full time in Argentina with his children? Since he is going back to Europe, ”asked an Instagram user.