They reveal who is the man who accuses Ricky Martin of domestic violence

Ricky Martin is experiencing the most controversial moment of his life after a man accused him of domestic violence and now it is known that the complainant is not a former partner as believed, but rather a relative.

Eric Martin, brother of the Puerto Rican, was in charge of recording a video that he spread on social networks through which he affirms: “This is a message for my dear nephew, that I love him dearly and his family loves him dearly”making it clear that this person is the one accusing the artist.

In addition, the man asserted that the young man in question has “mental problems” and both he and other family members “We’ve been fighting all our lives for that.”

He then spoke directly to his nephew named Dennis: “Daddy, you know how we have loved you. You know how you have distanced yourself from us”, manifested. She also said that she can’t have contact with him because she blocked him from social media.

After the interpreter of “La Mordidita” was notified of the fact, he publicly defended himself clarifying: “The protection order filed against me is based on totally false allegations, so I will face the process with the responsibility that characterizes me.”