They revealed the strong reason why El Polaco and Barby Silenzi separated

The days go by and the rumors increase more and more: The Polish Y barby silenzi They would have made the decision to separate and everything indicates that the breakup would have taken place in a scandalous way.

It was her own Barbie Silenzi the one who recognized without too many detours that together with the cumbia singer they were going through a strong couple crisis that would have them on the verge of separation.

However, the journalist John Etchegoyen went further and ensured that The Polish and the dancer are now permanently separated. No crisis or possible ruptures: they are separated, specifically, the panelist assured.

Likewise, he provided in his information that they would not even be living together. The Polish Y Barbie they were living together with their daughter April.

“There were no third parties in discord. It has to do with a completely familiar situation. The Pole has already told those around him that he is separated from Barby, ”he confirmed. John Etchegoyen on Miter Live.

Regarding the trigger in the separation, the journalist once again remarked that there were no third parties in discord and remarked that there is a relative of The Polish who doesn’t get along at all well with Barbiewhich would have been the main reason for the breakup.