They rip off a young man with a fake ticket with the face of Juan Gabriel and it goes viral

Mexico City.- In recent days on the platform TikTok A video went viral that stole the laughter of thousands. It is a clip in which a young man who was given a fake bill with the face of John Gabrielshared it and it became a trend.
As is well known, in our country banknotes have security elements that help us detect if they are fake or of dubious origin.

We are talking about touch-sensitive reliefs, some elements that change color, microprinted texts, watermarks or several more that help us identify counterfeit bills.

But this information apparently is not the domain of all Mexicans, since the bill with a denomination of $50 pesos that the young man received only some elements coincided, but after comparing it with a real bill he realized that he would not find Jose maria morelos and pavon.

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On the reverse some elements matched the original. Photo: Special.

From the beginning of the video, it is explained that the person reviewed some of these elements and they coincided with the characteristics of the real bills, but when reviewing the reverse, he found the “Divo de Juárez”.

They just gave me a fake bill, all because I didn’t check it right away. According to me, right now I’m checking it, its little windows, its butterflies and when I turned it over, no ma*s! This guy is Juan Gabriel,” says the young man in the short video at the moment of showing the bill to the camera.

Immediately the clip began to be shared and shared, until it reached just over 5 million views, since the user uploaded it on May 9 and in less than 24 hours it was already the most viewed on the platform, because at Netizens were amused by the anecdote.

On the obverse you can see that it is fake with the face of “Divo de Juárez”. Photo: Special.

In the comments, as expected, other users laughed at the situation and even joked with some songs by Juan Gabriel, such as “I have no money” or verses of some melody such as “I was very happy, I lived very well” .

In the comments there were even those who commented that the ticket was worth more than 50 pesos, as well as there were people who offered to buy the fake ticket for more money.

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