They show that Lili Brillanti, after talking about Galilea Montijo, asked for a job in ‘Hoy’!

The statements of Lili Brilliant about what Galilea Montijo threatened to hit her in her times of ‘Vida TV’ caused the host of ‘Hoy’ to come out to defend herself, but also to remember that her partner provoked her.

All because a few days ago, Lili Brillanti recalled in an interview with Miguel Díaz the differences she had with Galilea in that program where Héctor Sandarti also appeared. The presenter recalled that in the rehearsals of a sketch, Gali threatened to hit her and told her that she did not do it because she knew her parents and that she was a lady.

After speaking with the press, Montijo also did so in the morning, within the section ‘What are you talking about?’, where she reiterated that she was never a friend of Lili, in addition to highlighting that this conflict was 20 years ago and she finds no reason to So far this controversy exists.

But the other drivers tore Lili Brillanti to pieces, and she was Martha FigueroaWho showed that after talking about Montijo, the presenter went to ask producer Andrea Rodríguez for a job.

“What I would recommend to her is that if she wants to be the host, the first thing to have is timing, and it turns out that after giving these statements, she comes and asks Andrea Rodríguez for a job, our producer, to come to ‘Hoy ‘. Well, I don’t know why I feel, it beats me, that they won’t give it to him… It’s not a good time to ask for a job if you just talked about Gali,” said Figueroa.

Let us remember that before the press, Galilea explained what happened, and not only confirmed that they were never friends, but also accused Lili Brillanti of leaking notes to harm her. As if that were not enough, Gali admitted that she did want to hit him because he provoked her, and but he held back:

“And after so much I did confront her, and you know that one comes from the neighborhood, and one learns to defend oneself, with fame without fame, without money, I always learned to defend myself. I remember, what she forgot to say is that she He would put his face up to me and say, “Come on, hit me. … Until I told him I wasn’t going to fall for his game. I’m going to defend myself. Later he understood that I wasn’t his enemy and he understood that his role was to co -driver”.

Gali admitted that she does not remember all the details, but she always knew how to defend herself. “Yes, I remember that there was a point where I told him ‘lower him’. I remember perfectly that he told me ‘I don’t know what to answer’. I remember that I said ‘we are not friends but we don’t have fights'”.